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When Do Pets Need C-Sections?

The C-section is well known for saving the lives of human women, but it is equally important to veterinary medicine. In fact, there may be even more situations that call for it in dogs and cats. Here are some of the factors that can lead to this method of birthing in your pets:

Puppies playing in a field of leaves.

Mismatched Parent Sizes

Thanks to the huge differences possible between dog breeds, and the possibility of unsupervised or unexpected mating, puppy fetuses can arise that are too big for the mother dog. Many owners of females like Boston terriers, Chihuahuas, Lhasa apsos, and the like are shocked to learn that their pets' dalliances with golden retrievers, greyhounds, and even giants like St. Bernards have proven to be fruitful!

In many cases, the solution commonly thought of right away - abortion - is medically too dangerous for the pregnant dog. Since dogs have litters, much more blood is in the uterus than in a human, at least on a pound-for-pound basis. Most vets don't perform abortions anyway, instead opting to do hysterectomies - and these have an even worse risk profile for a dog that is already pregnant.

This leaves giving birth as the safest option for the female who has mated with a dog far larger than herself. However, medical intervention is needed to deal with the problems brought about by the size factors.

By using the C-section, your Maple Heights OH vet is able to bypass the constricted natural exit. He or she can also perform the procedure earlier than the natural due date to lessen the risk of internal rupture and other such problems.

While the size mismatch problem isn't as prevalent in cats, the development of new toy and large breeds means that it can sometimes arise. If your cat has been amorous with one that makes you wonder if the result can really work, don't hesitate to ask your vet.

The Mother is Suffering Life-Threatening Problems

Just like in humans, pregnancy can bring about bodily changes that turn out to be life-threatening. Swings in blood sugar levels, blood pressure spikes, hemorrhaging, and similar emergencies often require the fetus(es) to be removed right away if both they and the mother are to be saved.

If the pregnancy is far enough along, an emergency C-section is the perfect solution. However, if it is too early on, medications can sometimes be used to try to prolong the pregnancy enough to improve the survival chances of the babies. Each case is unique, so talk to your veterinarian in Maple Heights before making any assumptions.

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